My name is Brandon David Croom and i'd like you to know who I am. I didn't have the greatest upbringing. Most of my childhood memories are fragmented nightmares I now have to decipher in a new perspective. In the place of joy, despair clung to my spirit in attempt to weigh me down. This is something my heart would not allow. I first begun to discover how to release the agony of a tormented past when I began to develop and refine my passion for composing poetry and lyrical content in my freshman year of high school. I took to descriptive writing and found a peace in creating a picture with words that also held meaning. Using metaphor, simile, and prose to explain my disdain. I was able to overcome the pain. My musical journey begun in 5th grade when I choose to play the saxophone in the school band. My parents got me a years worth of lessons to accelerate my progress. While at the time I hated practicing 30mins a day, the discipline I obtained for it has encouraged my drive to learn other instruments. Today my musical roster consists of guitar, drums, piano, and saxophone. As my skills progressed and I became more confident with practice and discipline I began my YouTube channel. For the most organic view of my vocal progress over the years give my channel a look and watch the improvement. I have a few pretty terrible covers and a lot that show growth over the years. Now I am proud to supply it with my own content and begin sharing it with the world.